• March 27, 2024
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Keeping up with the trend and showing international perspective - Sinopep in DCAT Week 2024 in New York, USA


From March 18th to 21st, 2024, the DCAT Week, the annual meeting of the United States Association for Drug and Chemical Transactions, was successfully convened in New York, USA. Leading the BD team, Tong Ziquan, Chairman of SINOPEP, along with Jin Fuqiang, Vice Chairman, and Li Xiaohua, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Center, attended this significant event. DCAT Week stands as the premier platform for business development within the pharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing, and related sectors, gathering esteemed professionals and leading companies from around the globe. DCAT, a non-profit global business development association, uniquely integrates manufacturers of innovative and generic drugs with suppliers of raw materials, development and manufacturing services, and associated technologies.

Throughout the conference, SINOPEP collaborated with global pharmaceutical leaders to explore industry trends and technological advancements. The clinical application scope of peptide drugs continued to broaden, accompanied by the successive launch of new groundbreaking products. SINOPEP has strategically positioned peptide specialty APIs as its primary focus, prioritizing innovation-driven development. It has actively promoted the global distribution of blockbuster generic drugs, aligning with major clinical demands and technological advancements worldwide. Leveraging interdisciplinary research and development capabilities, SINOPEP is dedicated to enhancing its offerings in the fields of polypeptides and small nucleic acid CDMO, catering to the needs of global clientele.

The presence of the BD team at the conference underscored the specialization and internationalization of SINOPEP's BD efforts. Notably, industry leader Dr. Jiang Jianjun, Deputy General Manager of SINOPEP, Dr. Li Tangqing, Deputy General Manager of SINOPEP, alongside Dr. Qiao Zhen and Dr. Connor Jack Thomson, new BD directors who joined SINOPEP, actively engaged in customer negotiations, reaffirming SINOPEP's commitment to excellence in the peptide industry.

Dr. Qiao Zhen

Dr. Qiao Zhen obtained his doctoral degree from Drexel University and subsequently pursued postdoctoral research at Brown University in the United States. His research interests encompass gene therapy, novel materials for biomedical applications, and computational chemistry for small/large molecule discovery and bioinformatics. With a robust background in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical research and development, Dr. Qiao brings extensive expertise to his field.

Dr. Connor Jack Thomson

Dr. Connor graduated from the University of Oxford with a PhD in Organic Chemistry. He previously served as the Research Director at CRO Cortex Organizations, a high-tech company in the UK. He has a strong background in chemistry and drug development. 

Mr Tong Ziquan stated that as fresh blood to SINOPEP's BD team, they will accelerate the transformation of SINOPEP's BD capabilities from "Random" to "Mapping", which is of great significance for further expanding overseas markets and achieving global business strategies.


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