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Peptide Scale-Up Technology Platform

Unlike traditional solid phase peptide synthesis methodology, which is rather difficult to carry out on multi-kilogram scale and rather difficult to ensure purity, especially for long chain and more complexed peptide products, Sinopep's peptide scale-up technology platform was built to break the bottlenecks of solid phase synthesis via combination of solid phase and liquid phase synthesis method developed inhouse.  By seamlessly integrating liquid-phase peptide segment synthesis using small molecule's manufacturing equipment, we could manufacture long chain, complex peptides with side chain modifications with high purity at much larger batches.

Currently, our peptide product portfolio includes Liraglutide, Albuvirtide, and Bivalirudin, all of which could be made at class-leading scale with batch sizes of at least 5 kilograms, and over 12.5 kilograms output in a single batch for Bivalirudin.  With peptide scale-up technology platform, Sinopep has grown into one of the very few industry leaders in large scale peptide API manufacturing, especially for complex and difficult to make peptide APIs.  It enables Sinopep to provide our partners worldwide with high quality and high purity peptide APIs for global market with a competitive cost advantage.

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Case Study

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    Aikening® (Albuvirtide)

    One of the highest quantities required worldwide among all NCE peptide APIs, is exclusively manufactured at Sinopep with the following advantages:

    • Advanced peptide synthesis technologies
    • Large manufacturing capabilities
    • High global quality standard
    • Fastest registration process
    • Competitive cost structure