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Asymmetric Synthesis & Continuous Flow Platforms

More than half of the current drugs on the market are chiral. While only a few are utilized as racemates, only the desired enantiomers are used for majority of them. Over the last twenty years, Sinopep's scientists has accumulated extensive practical knowledge and experience to manufacture advance intermediates and APIs with multiple chiral centers stereo selectively on large scale. Sinopep's comprehensive Asymmetric Synthesis Platform offers a one-stop solution, helping our partners to incorporate chirality via biocatalysis, asymmetric hydrogenation and reductions, asymmetric coupling reactions as well as stereo-selective reactions aided by chiral auxiliaries.

In contrast with traditional batch reactions, flow chemistry provides an economically viable solution with a small footprint to tackle multiple process challenges under conventional batch mode, particularly when dealing with highly energetic and hazardous reagents, highly unstable intermediates, and temperature sensitive reactions etc. Our Continuous Flow Platform offers process development, non-GMP and GMP production services for projects from pre-clinical to commercial stages. One of the unique applications is continuous photo chemistry. The highly modulated setup could be integrated with light with different wave lengths from UV to the visible region. These types photo reactions, such as pericyclic reactions and single-electron transfer reactions, performed in a continuous fashion enable the efficient formation of complex skeletons which are otherwise be rather challenging to conduct in conventional batch reactors.

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