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Peptide-Based Novel Drug Development Technology Platform

Our company has established a cuting-edge technology platform to support research and development of novel peptide-based drug candidates, including popular targets such as GLP-1, GIP,  and GCG etc. One could design, prepare and screen potential candidates. Via this platform, a GLP-1 receptor agonist was designed. It exhibits similar, even slightly superior glucose-lowering and weight-reducing activities compared to Semaglutide. This compound was designated a "Category 1" new drug candidate and progressed into the pre-clinical research phase.

Additionally, development of an innovative peptide drug targeting the main protease could be carried out. Multiple programs have progressed through early phase development milestones, leading to the submission of PCT international applications and entries into key market segments, including the United States, Europe, Japan, and China, etc. Several international patents have already been granted by various regions. It directly demonstrated Sinopep's ability and commitment to advancing new breakthrough therapies to ultimately benefit patients worldwide.

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Case Study

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A peptide drug conjugate is created by connecting a peptide with an active therapeutic agent (payload) to create a single, multifunctional molecule, similar to the structure of an ADC.  These conjugates are designed to take advantage of the specific cell penetrating and targeting capabilities of peptides, carrying the payload inside the tumor cells.  The payload could then play its role precisely at the desired location after being released.  A properly designed peptide-drug conjugate could greatly enhance efficacy and selectivity at a very low dose level.  Sinopep specialized in making all commonly used peptides in all types of PDC candidates currently being developed, including synthesis, process optimization and structure optimization if needed.  Meanwhile, Sinopep excels in conjugation techniques which could provide end-to-end support from discovery to development of a peptide-drug conjugate candidate.