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Service Introduction

Sinopep's elite CMC team offers end-to-end support, steering projects from conception to market launch seamlessly.  With tailored solutions, industry-leading expertise, and a commitment to excellence, we ensure meticulous guidance and regulatory compliance, accelerating your product's journey to success.

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Peptide NCEs

Our peptide development and manufacturing platform offers comprehensive CRDMO/CMO services,capable of handling diverse scales of peptide projects.Led by renowned experts,our platform excels in cutting-edge knowledge and leadership in peptide synthesis.By expertly combining conventional solid-phase peptide synthesis with liquid-phase peptide synthesis,we gain a strategic advantage in synthesizing complex and challenging peptides.

Synthetic Macromolecules

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    Complex Peptides

    PEGlated peptides (>40kDa)

    Lipidated peptides

    Peptide + linker

    Cysteine rich peptides

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Production Equipment

  • Analytical
    • QE Plus Orbitrap

    • XEVO G3 QTof

    • Maldi-Tof

    • Circular dichroism

    • ICP-MS

    • FashSmart Elemental analysis

    • Thermo ICS-600

    • GC-MS

    • Q-Orbitrap MS

    • Vanquish HPLC

  • Cleavage
    • Peptide cleavage 50L*1,200L*1,500L*2

  • Concentration/Purification
    • Okawara CEP-Lab

    • Okawara CEP-1S

  • Lyophilization
    • ScientzLyophilization

    • TrukingLyophilization

    • Lyophilizer5㎡*1,2㎡*1,15㎡*2,20㎡*3

  • Purification
    • YMCPurification

    • HipersepProcess

    • DACNOVASEP:DAC300*2,DAC200*2;

  • Synthesis
    • SyroIAutomated

    • AutomaticSPPSsynthesizer20L*1,

    • AutomaticSPPSsynthesizer1000L*1,