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Service Introduction

Sinopep's elite CMC team offers end-to-end support, steering projects from conception to market launch seamlessly.  With tailored solutions, industry-leading expertise, and a commitment to excellence, we ensure meticulous guidance and regulatory compliance, accelerating your product's journey to success.

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XDC(Cross-Functional Drug Conjugates)is an innovative concept that transcends traditional drug development approaches by incorporating a variety of target specific macromolecules. This novel approach holds immense promise for enhancing therapeutic efficacy, precision, and safety compared to the therapeutic effects of traditional toxins.  Our conjugation platform specializes in the conjugation of different types of target-specific that include peptides, oligonucleotides, proteins and polynucleotides, amongst others.  We offer tailored and cost effective XDC solutions to our customers with robust quality control and class-leading speed.

Production Equipment

  • Analytical
    • QE Plus Orbitrap

    • XEVO G3 QTof

    • Maldi-Tof

    • Circular dichroism

    • ICP-MS

    • FashSmart Elemental analysis

    • Thermo ICS-600

    • GC-MS

    • Q-Orbitrap MS

    • Vanquish HPLC

  • Cleavage
    • Peptide cleavage 50L*1, 200L*1, 500L*2

  • Concentration/Purification
    • Okawara CEP-Lab

    • Okawara CEP-1S

  • Lyophilization
    • ScientzLyophilization

    • TrukingLyophilization

    • Lyophilizer5㎡*1, 2㎡*1, 15㎡*2, 20㎡*3

  • Purification
    • YMCPurification

    • HipersepProcess

    • DACNOVASEP: DAC300*2, DAC200*2;
      HANBO: DAC300*2, DAC450*2;
      HANBON: DAC450*4, DAC600mm*6

  • Synthesis
    • SyroIAutomated

    • AutomaticSPPSsynthesizer20L*1, 
      150L*1, 300L*1, 1200L*2

    • AutomaticSPPSsynthesizer1000L*1,